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Weighing the Costs of This Opportunity

I have known Ian for about fifteen years probably more and I know that he is a first rate mechanic. That obviously does not mean that he is going to be able to run a business and he is not really able to contribute much towards it beyond his skills and the tools he owns. His boss had a rather plum piece of property adjacent to the motorway and after years of turning down offers he sold out and retired. Ian is going to need things like motor trade insurance after he finds a garage. We have investigated the prospect of buying out the used equipment from the garage, but it is going to auction next month and we shall have to bid on it like everyone else. Buying all of it new would be prohibitively expensive, but you have to have most of this stuff if you are going to operate a full service garage.

I think I would feel better about this if the risk were spread out a bit more. At the moment I am the only one taking a real risk. Ian has some money to put in this, but it is only going to cover a bit of the initial costs. Of course I know that he has hundreds of loyal customers and I think that I might be able to find a group of them to contribute a bit of the initial investment. I know this one fellow who has an old Anglia which has a Ford V-8 in it. It is a frighteningly fast car and he does not want anyone else to touch it. That is the biggest asset Ian brings to this endeavor. It is not the fact that he can do the work, but the fact that a lot of people trust him to do the work right.

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