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Ways To Know If You Need Snow Tires

For the automobile novice, you might not even know that there is a difference between tires at all other than the obvious size difference. There may have been a time a long time ago where this was true; all tires were virtually the same in tread and make up for all conditions all the time. However, times have changed. The average miles per hour for most roads, at least in the United States, has gone up drastically with the improvement of the performance of vehicles. With the increased speed limits comes increased safety precautions from the government and your car dealer. Seatbelt laws, air bag improvement and body durability are just a few ways that driving has become safer. Another way to keep you and your family safe is to have snow tires installed by a company likeKem Goodyear Auto Center. Here are some ways to tell if you need them.

If you live on the far boundaries of the snow belt, then you likely can get away without ever using snow tires. If you rarely or never get snow, then you may not need them. However, there are areas that may not frequently have snow, but if the temperatures in the wintertime are consistently below 45 degrees, then you might want to consider buying them anyway, since snow tires are made to work well in any cold weather condition, not just snow.

You might live in a place that is very well equipped with snow removal personnel and trucks. Even when it does snow, you might not have trouble getting around the main streets of your town. However, if you live anywhere outside of town and have a difficult driveway to get out of, snow tires may be the answer for you. It can be difficult to maneuver your vehicle in a very small amount of snow, and if you have a long, narrow driveway, then you shouldn’t risk driving off the road because that is the only patch of road that you would need the snow tires for.

All-Season Tires
You would guess from the name that “all-season” tires would work for every season, and this is true to some extent. However, all-season tires try to fit all different weather conditions, which makes them less than ideal for any one of them. You might have good tread on your all-season tires but the makeup of the materials used to manufacture them will make them turn like plastic in temperatures below 45 degrees, which makes the tread virtually useless. If you still are on the fence about buying snow tires, then contact a tire dealer such asKem Goodyear Auto Centerto help you with your questions.

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