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I Have Big Plans This Year for the Two of Us

Wanting to do something special for my 35th wedding anniversary, I began to get really nervous because I did not know what she would really want to have after so many years of marriage together. I had bought her a number of things at various times, and sometimes they went over well, and other times, they did not. Not only that, I had forgotten our anniversary on more than one occasion, so I did not want to be in the proverbial doghouse again. In the end, a friend told me to check out http://www.torontolimovip.ca to see the limos they have, and that I should plan a big night out and have a professional driver take us to wherever I planned to go.

In the past, I have not always been good about remembering special occasions. Oh, I never miss things like Christmas and Valentine’s day because there are so many reminders all around you for about a month before those big holidays occur. So, I rarely get into trouble when it comes to either one of those two days. But when it comes to birthdays or anniversaries, there are not ads on the TV or themed items in any store to remind me.

When I forgot our anniversary last year, my wife was rightfully upset. But in my defense, it’s not because I don’t care. I have trouble remembering day-to-day life as it is. She quietly got my a gift and handed it to me on the special day itself, and then I panicked when she told me what the gift was for after seeing the puzzled look on my face. I did ask her if she would mind reminding me from now on, and she agreed. But this year, I decided that a night out with a limo and front-row seats to a play will be perfect for the two of us.