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Tow Truck Service Helps Me Not Be Stuck at Work

Cold weather is hard on batteries, and up here in Canada it can get really cold. Those warranties on good car batteries are for five and six years, but in my experience I only get about four years max out of them before I do not trust them. I have a four-wheel drive I take to work when the weather is bad. I do not drive it a whole lot in the summer. I had charged the battery, but it was worn out. It failed on the first frigid night and I called 24 hour towing in Ottawa to get me going.

I was stuck in the parking lot at work after working second shift. You know the work routine. You go do your thing putting in the hours needed to get a paycheck, and when the clock says you can go home, you really do want to go home. It was the beginning of my two days off, and I planned on watching a movie with my wife on our new DVR when I got home. We are both up late most nights anyway. I thought those plans would have to be delayed until the next weekend. Read the rest of this entry »