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Someone Damaged Our Garage Door

I work for a distribution company that has a lot of people coming in and out. We have ten drivers, plus we have customers who will come in and pick orders up themselves. While the drivers we hire are professional drivers who understand how to drive into a garage bay, not all of our customers possess the same knowledge. When one ran into one of our garage doors, we were not able to fix it on our own, though we did try. My boss told me to contact Schaumburg commercial garage repair to see if they would be able to get someone out to look at the damage and give us an estimate on repairing it.

I contacted GL Garage Door Service since I have had experience with them in the past. My father’s garage door stopped working, and they are the ones who came out to replace the motor on it. It was not expensive nor did it take much time to fix, so I felt confident that they would be able to help us in this situation as well. They were able to get out there the same day, but they had to order a door.

They helped us cover up where the garage door was damaged, and they were back out two days later when the replacement door came in. They had the damaged door removed quickly, and it did not take long for the two garage repair techs to have the new door installed. It looks just like the others, and no one would be able to tell that the door is not the same that was there before. While they were there, they also inspected the other garage doors for us, which did not take long at all. We now have a new policy where only our drivers are allowed to drive in to the bays!

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