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Car audio stereo system: most popular brands

car audio stereoCar audio stereo system has now become an integral part of the decor of the car. Car manufacturers today have recognized the fact that in-car entertainment constitutes an important aspect of a modern car. So from the time a simple radio was fitted into the car technology has been introducing innovations in the advancement of the car audio system. Many brands started manufacturing various components of the car stereo system soon.

 The major and most widely used components of a car audio stereo are the amplifiers, speakers, woofers, subwoofers, CD player and now DVD players. Early on it was only a simple radio that served the purpose of car audio system. Then the compact cassette came, which was introduced in the market for the first time by Philips. Blaupunkt is one of the oldest names in car audio stereo system. Another big name of that era was Motorola which first introduced car radio.

 As technology advanced radio was quietly replaced by compact cassette player or as we call it, a tape player. Tape player gained a massive popularity and for many years tape player was the only car audio system. And with the development of the famous brands like Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer, and Alpine, car stereo system took its next giant leap.

 Manufacturers such as Sony,  Aiwa, Kenwood, JVC, Alpine, and Pioneer deliver a wide range of car speakers varying in size, price, and power. These companies also make dash in receivers to improve the overall sound quality of the system. They make good quality amplifiers, woofers and subwoofers for the car stereo system. Popular car stereo brands have researched and developed LCD screens for car, which are integrated in such way that they slide out and fold up on the roof. Now let us look at some popular brands.

 -  Blaupunkt is known worldwide as Blue Dot or Blue Spot. It is a genuine trendsetter in the car audio field. Blaupunkt car audio has an excellent range of car audio products including CD, MP3, MD, cassette players, and navigation systems.

-  Panasonic has an extensive product range including CD, MP3, MD and cassette players, CD changers and packages. They developed the first flip out center speaker in the car audio system.

 -  Sony car audio systems are acknowledged worldwide for their X-Plod range of high-performance audio equipment which project sharp looks and offer a whole new world of listening experience.

-  Pioneer is one of the most renowned brands in the car audio market. It offers a complete range of car audio products, which include CD, MP3, MD & cassette players, CD packages, CD changers, amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers AV products and a large, range of navigation systems.

 -  Alpine has a good reputation for offering high quality audio performance, from input to output, and offers a distinguished acoustic performance and balance. Alpine possesses an extensive range of audio, navigation and multi media products including the bass engine stereos, V amplifiers and DVD car navigators and GPS navigation systems.

Car Dvd Players The Smaller The Better

In recent years, the DVD player has moved from the comfort of your own home to the car. The car DVD player has served many well on those long journeys, where the kids are bored and your flustered partner is increasingly getting redder as she tries to comprehend the map in front of her. Those days of stressful journeys are over, since inventors fitted the DVD player in the car to entertain all the family. Since the original DVD player was fitted, a number of new technologies have vastly improved its performance and usability in the car, as well as its aesthetics.

One of the favourites on this currently advancing market is the EISA awards participant, the JVC KD-AVX77. Its an ideally small system for the dash, which combines the latest of technologies within a small confined space. Its user friendly, as the latest touch screen technology is utilised  meaning you no longer have to fiddle with those temperamental buttons. Picture quality is superb due to the latest LCD TFT technology, which combined with a wide screen, provides you with the experience of Cinemascope viewing. Furthermore, its Ultra Wide Viewing Angle LCD format means no longer is there any glare from any angle.

This unique little number also has the excellent advantage of owning a split screen mode, making those arguments over which programme to watch part of the distant past. Moreover, split screens usefully allow for dual tasking, so that you can control the DVD system and the car stereos control panel at the same time. The inbuilt proximity sensor is another excellent feature that acknowledges your presence, by lighting up the screen, when in range. Furthermore, Dual Zone technology enables you to relax and listen to your music in the front, whilst the kids watch their favourite film in the back  making the entire family happy!

The JVC KD-AVX77 accepts all formats, from films to MP3 and can be used with i-pods, i-phones and other equivalent technologies through USB. Full speed control of these technologies is combined with a two way control system to enable you to access your music and films, easily and quickly. Even your phone can be connected to this system, as the built-in Bluetooth system allows for handsfree calling and audio streaming.

Lastly JVC went for the personal touch to this system, as the graphic user interface (GUI) can be altered and changed to your liking. This piece of latest technology is undoubtedly an example of how Car DVD players are set to be transformed within the next few months. Car DVD players are available from around 200 to 500.

Car Battery Maintenance so that electricity is not interrupted

The right car battery maintenance not only extends the life of your car battery also ensure smooth, uninterrupted vehicle for you.

car maintenance batteryIf you are choosing a car battery for a ‘maintenance free’ just to avoid the hassles of car battery maintenance such as water recharge batteries, rechargeable batteries, then it is time you give a second thought to this problem! Considering how many times you have to suffer from deep discharge (dead battery) failures, it would be much wiser on your part to go for low battery and culture perform maintenance car battery as a necessity. Remember, the right car battery maintenance not only extends the life of your car battery also ensure smooth, uninterrupted vehicle for you.

Indeed, car battery maintenance is not a messy affair. A little cleaning and some electrolyte levels checked wrap your job. Sulfuric acid in the electrolyte is present requires some precautions such as proper ventilation, protective wear (gloves and safety glasses), etc. Reading car battery maintenance tips that come from manufacturers must be very helpful to you.

check battery_in_carOnce the battery is equipped with the proper car cleaning items like some baking soda, greasing waterproof, wrench, etc. to work. First, loosen the cable clamp and remove the battery from the vehicle. After that, clean the surface of the battery with baking soda and water. Remove all rust from the surface of the clamp with the help of brass brush. Everything is achieved, place the battery in the battery holder and tighten the clamp vehicles. Finally, the joint clamp cover with oil.

The other end of the car battery maintenance that ensures an extended life for the battery requires you to check the electrolyte water level of the battery before charging . Electrolytes water should ideally be touching the bottom of the band spark ventilation . If he is under , you will have to add some distilled water to raise the level. This will prevent the draining of the battery plates. Be careful while adding the electrolyte water in the battery – In case there is little water in the battery, you can also add distilled water. I guess I should warn you at this time. You may only hurt yourself if you are not careful. Battery acid is highly corrosive might harm your clothes.

Some guidelines as slow and battery charging routine ( charging after use ) to ensure the longevity of your car battery . Confidential treatment included the use of a car battery charger fit and never overcharging the car battery.

If these details fail to dissuade you from taking automotive battery, then you can do it . In this case , you should remember that proper maintenance of the car battery is synonymous with car maintenance automotive batteries – the smooth functioning of the various components of the machine ensures controlled battery drain.

Using LED Headlamps In Cars And Motorcycles

led_headliampsAs consumers increasingly seek products that reflect their eco-conscious lifestyles, LED lights are getting more and more attention as alternatives to traditional lighting for the home and the outdoors. Now, LED headlamps are making a splash in a new form – as vehicle headlights. The following is a look at the benefits of LED headlamps in cars, as well as some of the reasons they are becoming the next-generation standard for car and motorcycle headlights.

A Brief History of LED Headlamps
LED lights have been around since the early 1900s, and they started becoming popular in the 1960s. LED headlamp technology, however, is relatively new. Research and design for LED headlamps for cars began in 2004. The first car models with built-in LED lights were sold in 2008, with the LEXUS LS and Audi R8.
Now, both car and motorcycle manufacturers and hobbyists have taken up the trend. Cadillac went full LED in its 2009 Escalade, and a year later, Toyota released a version of its popular Prius model with optional HID/LED hybrid systems. LED headlamps remain somewhat of a luxury for many car models, but they are becoming cheaper and more advanced by the day. Currently, Toyota’s 2012 Prius is slated to release with a full LED-equipped headlight system. Because LED technology continues to evolve, and because LEDs are already used in so many areas of technology, it’s not surprising that cars and motorcycles would also benefit from this more efficient light source.

More efficient LED Headlamps
LED headlmps audi_a6 First and foremost, LED lights are more efficient than traditional or HID headlamps. Because of their design, they use less energy and require fewer components. A hot trend right now with electronic car owners is the combined effect of an electric car and LED headlamps; the end result is even more miles per gallon saved than with a regular car. But even regular gas-powered cars require less battery power to keep their LEDs lit.
Besides energy efficiency, LED lights are also eco-friendly, as they require fewer chemicals in the manufacture process than traditional halogen or HID lights. Finally, LED headlamps give off a much cleaner and brighter light than other headlamp light sources – this is especially true for fog lighting and brights. LEDs last longer than traditional headlights too; thus, LED headlamps save not only energy and gas, but ultimately money.

Price vs. Style
The current drawback to LED headlamps is pricing. Purchasing a new car with LED lighting generally means you are already purchasing a luxury-class car. If you are looking for a cheaper route, you can always install an LED headlamp manually. Seek out your local LED light company for additional pricing and info.
There is an additional value to switching to LED that is not part of the efficiency factor: stylization. Funky lights and light styles are becoming the latest craze for car and motorcycle modifications. Fully customized motorcycles with various LED headlamps and back lights are becoming the standard in vehicle personalization. Car owners, as well, are becoming more interesting in do-it-yourself LED stylization.

Want to give your older car model a funky looking headlamp setup? Then start brainstorming. Not only do LEDs come in various colors that are street legal, but you can mix and match light styles and sizes with ease. Just make sure you have proper cooling up front – LEDs can run hotter than traditional lighting if overheated by weather or engine heat.
Just remember: Quality will outlast quantity. Cheaper might be better when purchasing a new car or upgrading your old clunker, but the quality and efficiency that LED lighting provides will outshine and outlast the money you saved up front by going with regular lighting options. Thus, consider purchasing LED headlamps next time you buy a new car or upgrade your current headlights.
There is a reason top-end car manufacturers are turning to LED for their lighting needs: LED is the future.

Ways To Know If You Need Snow Tires

For the automobile novice, you might not even know that there is a difference between tires at all other than the obvious size difference. There may have been a time a long time ago where this was true; all tires were virtually the same in tread and make up for all conditions all the time. However, times have changed. The average miles per hour for most roads, at least in the United States, has gone up drastically with the improvement of the performance of vehicles. With the increased speed limits comes increased safety precautions from the government and your car dealer. Seatbelt laws, air bag improvement and body durability are just a few ways that driving has become safer. Another way to keep you and your family safe is to have snow tires installed by a company likeKem Goodyear Auto Center. Here are some ways to tell if you need them.

If you live on the far boundaries of the snow belt, then you likely can get away without ever using snow tires. If you rarely or never get snow, then you may not need them. However, there are areas that may not frequently have snow, but if the temperatures in the wintertime are consistently below 45 degrees, then you might want to consider buying them anyway, since snow tires are made to work well in any cold weather condition, not just snow.

You might live in a place that is very well equipped with snow removal personnel and trucks. Even when it does snow, you might not have trouble getting around the main streets of your town. However, if you live anywhere outside of town and have a difficult driveway to get out of, snow tires may be the answer for you. It can be difficult to maneuver your vehicle in a very small amount of snow, and if you have a long, narrow driveway, then you shouldn’t risk driving off the road because that is the only patch of road that you would need the snow tires for.

All-Season Tires
You would guess from the name that “all-season” tires would work for every season, and this is true to some extent. However, all-season tires try to fit all different weather conditions, which makes them less than ideal for any one of them. You might have good tread on your all-season tires but the makeup of the materials used to manufacture them will make them turn like plastic in temperatures below 45 degrees, which makes the tread virtually useless. If you still are on the fence about buying snow tires, then contact a tire dealer such asKem Goodyear Auto Centerto help you with your questions.

Electric Car Information For Buyers

There’s little doubt that electric powered cars are the next big thing. But whats the status of affordable, mainstream electric cars? Here’s some electric car information about what’s available today.

If you want proof that electric cars can be fast and fun check out the Tesla Roadster. This exciting sports car can go 0-60 mph in 4 seconds flat and hit speeds of well over 100 mph. The Roadster sells for over $100,000.

Another option is to purchase a Scion xB and have the people over at AC Propulsion convert it into an electric vehicle. The result is called an Ebox. It drives well and can fit five passengers. The conversion cost about $55,000. Oh, and the Scion will set you back another $15,000.

BMW sells a popular car called the Mini. Now they’ve produced an electric version named the Mini E. This car isn’t for sale though. The good news is you can lease it for $850 a month. The bad news is you need to live in LA or New York to do so. And there are only 500 of them available.

Believe it or not, but Chrysler has been working on new electric car technology. They plan to release a Dodge Electric Vehicle in two or three years–if the company’s still around. Like the Tesla, this one is also a flashy sports car.

Notice a trend here? There’s nary an affordable electric vehicle in sight. What’s happening today is that people aren’t waiting for mainstream electric cars to be made for them. Instead, they’re taking available electric car information and making their own electric vehicles.

That’s right, there’s a growing army of people who are tossing out their gas-powered engines and replacing them with electric ones. It’s not that hard and not that expensive. But how do you go about learning how to do this?

First you need to buy an electric car conversion kit. There are many of them available on the internet. These kits are actually sets of instructions. They cost anywhere from $30 – $50 and are immediately downloadable, so you can literally get started as soon as today.

New electric car information and technology has made electric car conversion much cheaper and easier than it used to be. Simply follow the instructions, which also tell you where to find the cheapest parts, and you’ll soon be driving your very own electric car!