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Air conditioning repair in car

car ventilation ACRepair car air conditioning is often compared with the homework. Problems can occur in any part of the air conditioning and the time it is not possible to identify the exact nature of the problem, because it becomes necessary to contact the experienced mechanics in the repair of air conditioning systems.
The air conditioning car may be damaged by leaks in the system, the low level of cooling, clogging in the condenser and compressor failure. Some problems are simple and can be handled alone. Some others need a technician to perform the task. To facilitate this, a number of auto repair shops available. Along with basic mechanical tools, some special tools are also needed, depending on the type and areas where improvement is needed services. Air conditioning repair manual serves as an ideal companion when repairs are needed.

 There are certain facts one should know about repair air conditioning in car. An Air conditioning is designed to maintain the condition of the vehicle passenger cabin cool. Improvements must be familiar with the five essential components, such as compressors, chillers, condensers, expansion valves and dryers or evaporator. In some vehicles, the accumulator and the orifice tube are used instead of an expansion valve and dryer. Someone must have detailed knowledge of all the mechanisms involved in air conditioning systems.

A proper mechanics can check for leaks without dismantling the engine parts separately. In addition to the basic components, other accessories including switches, fuses, wires, and a fan belt examined as part of the repair car air-conditioner.
Repair car air conditioning is quite expensive. Most stores Autopart selling air conditioning parts with high costs. Therefore, the high expenditure even if the repair is done by the owner of the vehicle itself.

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