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Replacing brake pads of your car

disc-brake-padsNot a lot of dangerous things like a car with no brakes efficiently, you know this. Regularly changing the brake lining is really important. Your safety while driving depends on several factors, but the brakes it all depends on the equipment: save a few bucks on brake pads is not worth it! No need to go to a mechanic to replace the brake pads of your car, you can easily do it yourself.

If this is the first time you do allow a few hours, it is not difficult but it will take a long time if you are inexperienced.
Attention: after driving the car brake pads and brake discs into heat.
To avoid any risk, it might work in a safe area.
• Make sure your car will not move at all, set the parking brake and park in the highlands.
• Loosen the lug nuts before jacking the car up.
• Jack the car so you can remove the wheels seemed to replace the wheel. (Use two jack stands for your safety)
• Remove the caliper bolts and make it slide away from the disk: the brake pads are black part near the surface of the disk.
• Remove them from the caliper: there are several types of calipers so you have to see how it works in your car, but you have to easily do it: it’s just a matter of a bolt or clip.
• Take the opportunity to check the condition of the brake rotor, the rotor should have been more subtle and do not have to have any asperities. If it is damaged you have to get a new one. Discs can also be reconditioned but it is not recommended.
• Now, with new thick pads you need to push the caliper piston back into position to create enough space for the new pads, you may need an adjustable wrench or C-Clamp.
• Apply the brake pad of fat on the part that does not come into contact with the rotor and place them in the caliper.
• Reassembly everything like that and continue with the other side and the rear axle if your car has four disc brakes.

You’re done, go out for a test and drive slow. Notice, may be softer brake pedal and braking space again. In a few days the new bearings must reach their final position and the noise should disappear.
Make sure you reassemble everything carefully.