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Getting Top Dollar for Your Junk Car

Selling your junk car to a salvage yard or related business is a good method of getting some cash in your pocket. To get the best price for your junker, here’s what to do:

  1. Figure out who the owner is. Get the car title. You have to have it if you are going to sell the vehicle. No scrap yard or salvage company can buy it unless you have the title. Also, make sure that that title is your name. Firms such as Express Auto Recyclers cannot buy it otherwise.
  2. Determine the value. You need to make a good guess about the damage to the car and determine what the Blue Book price is on it. Get as much data as you can about the car and its condition. Consider spending a few dollars to repair damage so that it is drivable. A salvage company may charge you more if they must pick it up.
  3. Take the car in. Once you figure out where to take the car and the price, you need to get it there. If you can, tow it in or drive it.

Putting a few dollars extra in your pocket is always a welcome thing. If you do these things before you sell the car, it will get you as much money as possible.